The Beatles and their cultural and musical legacy: impact and validity in today’s society

The Beatles not only changed music, but also marked a before and after in the culture and society of their time. With their progressive lyrics and their rebellious spirit, they became the banner of a generation that sought freedom and equality.

During their decade of career, from 1960 to 1970, the British band never ceased to amaze with their creativity and sound experimentation, leaving behind a musical legacy that has been recognized by later generations.

Despite their separation, the impact of the Beatles continues to this day. In an interview with the director of the Institute of Geography of the UNAM, Manuel Suárez Lastra, it is confirmed that the influence of the musical group continues to be significant in popular culture and its legacy remains one of the most important of humanity.

The disintegration of the Beatles: an indelible mark

On April 10, 1970, the story of four young people who came to dominate the world cracked: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, originally from Liverpool, England, announced the breakup and disintegration of the musical band which represented a lot at the time -and still does- for young people today, says the university researcher.

“The number of young people in the world who today continue to like the English group and who see it as a milestone is impressive. It is still the most important band in rock; if you compare the music market at that time to today, it’s bigger. It is obvious that there will be singers or musical groups that will surpass the Beatles in the number of sales, and even so, they hold a certain number of records”, he comments.

If you look at the size of the current music sales market and compare it to then, no one has surpassed them, “and you don’t see that happening anytime soon. In reality, they generated a cultural change, and little more than half a century after their disintegration, it is impressive that beatlemania continues in force; they are still a phenomenon”, says the university student, former guitarist and former vocalist of the musical group Guillotina.

The Geography specialist mentions that if the profiles of each of its members are observed, despite the fact that two died –John Lennon and George Harrison–, the number of listeners they have is impressive, in particular Paul McCartney, who is still active his 80 years.

Suárez Lastra emphasizes that the music of this group has transcended, “simply what a rock band plays, the number of versions that have been made of the music of the Beatles, the number of studies carried out on their career, in addition to the number of analysis as a social phenomenon, I believe that nobody has been able to do something like that”.

It stands out that it was a group that innovated in numerous aspects and, above all, there is a watershed: the album Revolver, released in August 1966, a few years before they decided to leave the stage and tour. “The Beatles are before that record, and after it, rock and music changed.”-

In October 2022, according to Rolling Stone magazine, the album was released in various formats, including a deluxe version for collectors with the 14 original songs of the phonogram and expanded versions of several unpublished songs and demos.

The Beatles breakup: a natural process

The breakup of the Beatles 53 years ago was a natural process in the evolution of the band, as it happens in many others at the end of a cycle. “It’s hard to know what people would have thought at the time. The truth is that both Paul McCartney and John Lennon had spectacularly successful independent careers; the former formed Wings, while Lennon immediately went on a career as a soloist”, says Suárez Lastra.

As for George Harrison, he released an album with three discs, through which he showed his ability to make music: All Things Must Pass, “a great album that just turned 50 and was a sample of all that music that had not come out with the Beatles. Ringo Starr has the least prolific solo career, but he still had a couple of big records,” he opines.

He points out that if the Beatles had stayed together, they might have stopped innovating, although that’s a natural process. “What makes them iconic is precisely that aspect of always innovating.”

The Beatles are still in force. In the field of cinema, it is common for there to be films set to music with their songs, and even in Mexico, an hour of their performances is broadcast on the radio, highlights the Geography expert.

For connoisseurs and followers of the English band, there are four main factors that explain their separation: the death of Brian Epstein, their representative; the appearance of Yoko Ono, the fight of egos between the members of the band and the unchecking of Paul McCartney.

achievements of a decade

The Beatles’ legacy is enormously influential in rock and other musical styles. From their beginnings in the 1960s until their split in 1970, they racked up a string of international successes and achievements that made them great music legends.

Among his conquests are nine Grammy Awards; 13 studio albums; sales of more than 600 million records worldwide; an Oscar for the soundtrack to “Let it Be”; six albums and nine songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame; and his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

Outstanding Information

  • The Beatles were a banner of a generation that sought freedom and equality.
  • The British band left a musical legacy that has been recognized by later generations.
  • Despite their split, the Beatles’ impact lives on today and their influence on popular culture remains significant.
  • The Beatles are the most important rock band in history and they created a cultural change.
  • The music of the Beatles has transcended and has been the subject of numerous studies and analyzes as a social phenomenon.
  • The Beatles innovated in many aspects and changed rock and music from their album Revolver.
  • The breakup of the Beatles was a natural process in the band’s evolution and the members went on to have successful solo careers.
  • If the Beatles had stayed together, they might have stopped innovating, although that’s a natural process.
  • The Beatles remain a cultural phenomenon, with their songs used in movies and radio shows.

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